Because we all know the boys and girls always have their own version of the story :)

| Jin’s Version |

Of all the thousands of people at the Bite of Seattle that one special day, Linda caught my eye and had me do a rare double take. It might’ve been a triple take but not sure anymore as I was disoriented from her striking beauty and my overdosage on strawberry shortcakes. Little did I know at the time but I guess I had caught her eye too...she must have been eyeing my shortcake or she must have gotten a good wiff of my Axe body spray or it could have been my extra tight Fruit of the Loom v-neck, who knows!

I know it's cliché but I believe the two of us meeting that day was by fate and god's love. A friend who was with me at the time suggested -hey she's really cute, we should set up our friend with her but before he could finish I said to him -no way, I don't think this ones meant to be set up and besides I SAW HER FIRST!

| Linda’s Version |

I truly believe fate intertwined so many little pieces to lead me to Jin that summer day. So many things out of the ordinary aligned and I could have been anywhere else or missed him by mere minutes. My sister just happened to be visiting that weekend from San Francisco and we did an impromptu trip up to Vancouver B.C. As we were driving around the park, a friend coincidentally invited me to stop by the Bite (an annual Seattle food event) so we started the 2 hour drive back down to Seattle only to learn they couldn't make it.

We decided to hang out anyway and it was when I looked to my left in what seemed like a sea of people, one guy stood out to me. It could have been that I noticed he kept looking my way but I brushed it off. All I knew is that I kept telling my sister he was really cute. We plotted to walk a bit closer and the closer we got, she kept saying that she recognized this cute mystery guy from somewhere. I kept insisting that she was delusional since she moved away years ago. She continued to strike up a conversation with Jin with me still saying she didn't know him, ha!

Turns out she had briefly dated his friend many years ago and had met Jin at that time. The weird part was when I overheard him saying things about pursuing his passions that I only hear myself saying to other people. Jin texted her for my number the next day and the rest was history! I truly believe if my sister wasn't in town that weekend, if my friend didn't invite me to the event, if we didn't drive down from Canada in the amount of time we did, maybe we may have never crossed paths in front of the fountain that day. And since that day, it's been our little tradition to visit the Bite each year and take a photo by the fountain. Hm, maybe its the magical fountain of fate :)


I cherish the memories we make in life and couldn't imagine a world without the powerful tools that capture them. My memories are so invaluable to me as they make up all that I was, am, and will be. Naturally I was drawn to what records these memories. When I recevied my first point and shoot years ago, it was glued to my hand from that day on. Eventually I wanted a stronger medium to capture what I loved and purchased my first dSLR. From then it has consumed me and given me a passion and dedication like never before. Sharing this love with my partner puts the frosting on my camera.

Born an artist at heart, Ive always had an obsession for fashion, graphic, interior design, architecture, and travel. I wished I could wrap them all up into one and finally feel that photography is this ideal package. A graphic designer by day, it excites me to see things compositionally through the lens and add artistic touches. I'm drawn to form, shape and capturing emotions and beauty. I love telling your stories with my camera when words can't say enough because every story is better with pictures. I'm a big sucker for detail shots that compliment the stories. Details of cute shoes or cupcakes? I'm in heaven.

I'm grateful to share what I love with the one I love. The one who inspires me. Frosting and all.

| JIN |

As a kid I loved sketching and dreamed of being an architect one day. In junior high, I even once won an award of excellence in graphic design which I was so proud of. That was then but I ultimately followed a career path in Information Technology which I also enjoy for very different reasons.

With Linda encouraging me, I started to listen to my heart again and realized how much I missed the arts. It brings me so much joy having photography in my life as it really satisfies my hunger to be creative and expressive through this medium. When Linda purchased her first dSLR camera for us to play with, I was hooked instantly and couldn’t put the thing down. It went with us everywhere. I discovered early on that photographing people is what moves me. I’m so thankful how it has changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world.

Photography to me is like a vehicle not only for capturing and creating dynamic and moving images but also as a key to getting to know our subjects at a deeper level and building more meaningful relationships. It has been the key in giving me the freedom to live my life more passionately and meaningfully and I am so thankful to my partner in crime for encouraging me to pick up a camera and discover my creative side once again.

  • Two words. Happy Hour! We love visiting our favorite standbys and exploring new spots.

  • Cooking together. We're devoted foodies. Italian, sushi, Indian, Korean, Greek. You name it, we'll eat it.

  • Linda loves baking carbalicious goodness for Jin. Check out the creations and recipes at our blog!

  • Visiting open houses for fun to get our interior design fix. We're obsessed with beautiful interior spaces and modern furniture.

  • Shopping for function-meets-design objects for our home. This includes you, Target.

  • Fulfilling our secret addictions to Korean dramas, So You Think You Can Dance, and Modern Family.

  • Getting away even if it's a short road trip to neighboring cities like Portland, Victoria or Vancouver B.C.

  • Squeezing every bit out of beautiful Seattle summers. Farmer's markets, hiking, outdoor movies, concerts, camping, and picnics at our favorite spots in the city like Gas Works and Kirkland Waterfront.

  • Museums and art walks rain or shine

  • Working away in fragrant cafes and spending hours in bookstores just to walk away with that one new book to add to our collection.

Creative inspiration lies all around us. We are always curiously observant and find that many times the best inspiration comes from the most mundane or least obvious of places. In addition to our surroundings, we love absorbing inspiration from creative sources like magazines, books, websites, mother nature, and films to name a few.

As photographers always looking for inspiration and something alittle different, we etry to xercise our creativity by making time for personal projects. This is where we play and try new things so we continue to grow and be challenged artistically. It is this time we give ourselves to develop and refine new ideas and techniques that helps us keep things fresh.

The name "JINDA" was born one day while poking fun at ourselves early on in our relationship as we discovered how much we have in common. It represents the fulfilling bond we have as a couple chasing our dreams hand in hand and living out our passion for photography. And a little help from Lindas secret affinity for putting two words together :)