Wedding Veil Tie Headband with pearls and flowers

Wedding Veil Tie Headband with pearls and flowers

A wedding is the most important event in every girl’s life. The desire to create a unique image on this day is understandable and objective. Therefore, to stand out from the crowd of brides, girls come up with various tricks and ways to make the image individual. The wedding veil is one of those details, which is unusual for the eyes and can become a highlight of any wedding image.

Style and types of veils

Veil, as a detail of the closet, appeared in history quite a long time ago. For the first time this element of the female image is mentioned from the time of ancient culture. However, it acquired a classic style only in the Middle Ages. The veil had two main tasks:

  • Protective, where the main duty of the veil was to cover the head of women from the effects of sunlight;
  • Moral, preventing unauthorized men from casting unnecessarily curious glances into the faces of ladies.

In ancient times, both sides of the issue were of equal importance to the ladies who valued themselves. Appearance and forms have undergone a fair amount of change throughout history. In modern stores you can see such types of voilets as:

  • Long cut, which completely covers the face. Attached usually to pill hats;
  • A medium-sized piece that can be as long as the bridge of the nose. Usually attached either to the hat or to the hairstyle with its own attachment. It is made in the style of a floral arrangement, which is considered a complete addition to the image;
  • Short models barely cover the eyes. The fastening is usually placed on the back of the head with the help of either pins or its own mechanism.

However, these decorations are distinguished not only by length, but also by other criteria. In the second turn, such factors as color and fabric material are taken into account.

The first place in popularity is occupied by veillets from a rather rare material, namely a large mesh veil. They give the illusion of a closed image, as well as allow the lady not to lose visual contact with the outside world. This version of the veil is relevant for any type of wedding.

In second place in demand is the veil with a finer mesh. It gives the girl’s image a mysteriousness, a little bit erasing her facial features and visually making them blurred from afar. This model will suit ladies with complexes about facial features, as well as with real flaws and imperfections. For example, those who had a recent surgery. Also this model will appeal to sensitive and romantic natures.

In terms of colors, the most popular are white and cream types of veils. Non-standard natures sometimes prefer black colors. Especially relevant is the model with black netting in a modern or retro style. The image of a bride with a black veil and a high-tech style dress will turn out to be interesting. The black veil model will suit brunettes, being a visual continuation of the hair. This element is considered an ideal element of the decor of the wedding dress, which at a certain length of the bride is replaced by the veil.

The veil in the English vintage style: a stylish element

In this style, a medium-length netting is traditionally used, slightly covering the eye. Particular caution is recommended in matters of decorating the model. One feather or a flower is enough to make the image play with new colors. But if you miss the moment, even two petals can cause the bride to look vulgar. Some inventive and romantic brides decorate the veil with small pearls.

Veil in the French retro style

In this style, the length of the veil either reaches the middle of the cheekbone, or completely covers the face. It is attached either on the crown, or on the side of the hair. The model of the veil is attached either to the side of the hairstyle or on the top of the head. Suitable decorations are considered plant components of the same material as the base of the veil. Such additions as pearls or ribbons are also allowed.

Style veil Rustic romantic

Despite attaching the model to the side of the hairstyle, the net completely covers the bride’s face. The length of the veil is usually the same as the English style. The only difference is that in this case a more luxurious type of decoration is allowed. Many ladies decorate the veil with flowers of the same shade as the main tone of decoration. Often the image is complemented by rhinestones, pearls and other similar decorations. For restraint and harmony, it is important not to overdo the decoration of the image.

Wedding veil with hat

Many wedding stylists today accentuate such a decoration. According to the color scheme, the most relevant today are champagne, white, milky options. The form of the hat itself is selected, based on the data of the bride, as well as her taste preferences. Stylists make the following recommendations:

Ladies with a low growth should pay attention to the hat in the style of a pill;

High ladies can choose as a decor a hat with wide fields, and the decor should be placed on their area.

Wedding veil on headbands.

This decoration is considered girlish and will be suitable for young brides. A headband with a veil will give the image playfulness and refresh it. Fleur, which is collected on the headband hoop, is decorated with feathers, sprigs of plants, or strings of small beads. Brides pay attention to this option also because it is easy to make with your own hands. Consequently, the image will turn out more unique, and the decoration will perfectly fit even the most extravagant images.

Feathers in Chicago style

This option will be suitable for themed wedding events. Feathers were quite common element in the decor of women’s images in the 30’s of the last century. If you can create a harmonious composition, you can return to those times and feel like a bride of that era. In the photographs the images appear bright and unusual. When using rich decorations, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise the image will be too overwhelming. The ideal option would be one lush and beautiful feather, fixed in the middle of the hat.

Decor with the help of large flowers

The most popular type of decorations for the wedding image are flowers. At the same time, flowers are decorated not only the images of brides, but also the sleeves for the celebration. With the help of large buds or flowers, you can create a feminine and sophisticated image. Ladies who prefer more restrained images, you can pay attention to the small floral scattering on the veil jewelry.

Hairstyles made with the help of the veil

It is worth remembering that the veil is an unusual accessory that will not suit every wedding hairstyle. When creating a harmonious image, wedding stylists advise adhering to the following recommendations:

  • With short haircuts, a veil with a veil of short or medium length, which is attached to the back of the head, is ideal. In this case, it can visually create the impression of a short veil. Massive jewelry is not suitable, in this case it is recommended to opt for a floral scattering or small pearls. You can use as a decoration a veil in the style of an English queen;
  • For medium-length hair and hairstyles with loose curls there is an original solution in the form of an English veil. It can be decorated in this case with feathers, or drapery, which are attached to the side. Also in this image is appropriate veil with large flower buds;
  • If the hair is long and loose, you can complement the image with a veil in the Rustic style. You can also use floral embellishments of the veil, but here it is important to be careful. If you overdo it a little, then instead of an exquisite decor you can get on the head like a Christmas tree.

If the hairstyle at the wedding will be in the style of a shell or a bundle, you can choose a veil with a net to the chin or shorter. An exquisite decoration will be an elf branch, which is attached to the side. To such hairstyles a scallop along with tulle will be ideal.

Additional tips from stylists

Before finally choosing a particular veil, wedding stylists recommend paying attention to other components of the wedding. From the religion of the newlyweds to the rituals and activities of the day. After all, the veil is an element of the image that needs something to cover up for the various purposes mentioned earlier. Also, do not take away from the influence on the choice of the veil makeup and hairstyle. Tips of stylists regarding this point will be as follows:

  • With a strict style hairstyle it is best to attach the veil a little further from the crown, or on the side with a bow or a floral arrangement. The size can be either minimal or tiered. Under such a choice, the dress should be a classic, strict cut;
  • when choosing complex hairstyles, it is worth paying attention to the veil with medium, or small size with a sparse mesh. Decorate the element of the closet can both a hat and a flower in a single copy. The size of the net and decorations depend on the length of the bride’s hair and facial features, as well as the style of the dress. Such veillets are attached either to the hairpin or to the headband;
  • A veil with a bell style cap can be an interesting addition to the image. A variant of such an image would be ideal for a themed wedding in the style of the 60s. It perfectly combines with retro dresses, in which the accent goes on the skirt of puffed cut length a little below the knees. The face of such a veil closes minimally;
  • The ideal accent in the image of a veil can be for modern dresses that slightly cover certain parts of the body. An excellent solution would be a repetition of the pattern or decor on the dress in a veil, for example, lace.

If the outfit includes a fur cape, for example, in the winter version, you can consider a light fabric mesh.

In the makeup under the veil, it is especially important to highlight the eyes. Combat makeup in the image of the bride looks at least ridiculous. But unusual arrows and lush eyelashes may well complement the image and become its highlight. Complement the image allow the shadows of purple, silver or lilac shades, depending on the general gamma of the image. The emphasis on the lips should be avoided, otherwise the image will be overloaded. A common mistake is to combine a lush, overstuffed veil with ball gowns. Stylists do not recommend overloading the bride’s image with details.

However, with the right approach, the wedding veil can become an indispensable detail of the image.

Jinda York