Hello! We are Jin and Linda, a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Seattle.

Our story in a nutshell. Boy sees girl in a sea of people. Girl only sees said boy. Boy finds girls number and asks her on a date. Girl and boy quickly realize how much they have in common and fall in love. One day girl buys camera. They fall in love again. With photography. It takes their relationship and their perception of this beautiful life to a place beyond their wildest imagination.

The nutshell version is simplified but the journey in reality has been made up of so many incredible pieces. What started as an insatiable curiosity, blossomed into something so much deeper and meaningful on an even more substantial level. It has lead us to meet really amazing people, see beautiful places we may have never stepped foot, enveloped us in love. We feel so lucky to be a part of such a momentous day in peoples lives. We feel so blessed to do what we love. From that first moment to each new moment, the honeymoon period is more alive than ever.

We love shooting weddings because its the perfect marriage of what we love doing and all the raw emotions that make photography come alive. Tears of joy, happiness, excitement, reflection, laughter, wonder, and love. And we cant help but experience every bit of these special moments with you behind the lens where you might find one of us, most likely Linda, holding our breath to stop a tear. Or two.

Seattle is home where we share with our maltese. But youll see us road tripping up and down the 5 for little getaways and a breath of fresh air. Getting inspired, exploring the city and eating until we drop. Our shared love for delicious food, adventure, spontaneity, travel, design, laughing out loud, making new friends, and all things art and design keeps us excited.

Thats us in a super-sized nutshell. Head on over to the About section to get to know us even better. And it would make our day to hear from you so dont hesitate to drop us a note on our contact page. Chat soon!

With Love | Jin + Linda