Romantic First Wedding Night Bed Room Decoration

Romantic First Wedding Night Bed Room Decoration

The wedding night is no less important event than the wedding reception. Therefore, it is important for the newlyweds to feel as comfortable as possible in their bedroom. Its festive decor before this momentous day is rarely trusted to outsiders, as every detail should correspond to the tastes and preferences of the young couple.

Many lovers prefer to use specially decorated wedding rooms, but if you decide to hold this part of the celebration in your own home – plan all the subtleties of design in advance.

The setting in the bedroom should be romantic and passionate, but not so much as to further interfere with a quiet rest.

What is necessary to make the wedding memorable with pleasant moments? In addition to the festive celebration, it is important to provide comfort and in the bedroom, where the young couple will spend their first night, laying the beginning of a full family life.

General rules of decoration

To make the bedroom of the newlyweds look gentle, harmonious and relaxing, it is necessary to adhere to several basic rules of wedding design:

  1. Decorate the interior in a single color scheme. The optimal is the presence of no more than three shades. It is better to refuse the simultaneous use of several bright or accent colors. Give preference to a light and pastel palette;
  2. When planning the bedroom for newlyweds, do not forget that the comfort lies in the presence of free space. Therefore, do not overload the room with unnecessary pieces of furniture or accessories that create the effect of cluttering the interior;
  3. An important role in creating a romantic atmosphere is played by lighting. It is desirable to make it multi-level: use ceiling or wall lights, floor lamps or bedside lamps. Then the brightness of the light can be easily adjusted, leaving only the area you need lit;
  4. Add a hint of celebration to the honeymoon bedroom: small statuettes, floral arrangements or accessories with romantic themes will emphasize the peculiarity of this day in your life.
  5. To make this room romantic, cozy and pleasant for each of you, pay attention to the details and nuances in the photos: the competent decoration of the bedroom for newlyweds is not less important than the organization of the celebration itself.

When decorating the bedroom for newlyweds, it is important to consider another feature: the absence of extraneous noise. To enjoy each other’s presence, create an atmosphere of unity: remove from the room the TV, phone, laptops and other gadgets. Preferably leave only appliances for playing romantic music or wedding videos.

Suitable shades

Let’s analyze in more detail the question of choosing a color scheme for decorating the bedroom for this event. Undoubtedly, light and light shades are more suitable for the formation of a romantic environment. However, many people prefer to use bright red and pink colors to create passionate accents.

Psychologists assure you that such colors will not contribute to a comfortable sleep, so it is better to use the bright palette in certain parts and accessories that are temporarily in your bedroom.

Successful in the interior for the first wedding night are considered cream, chocolate, lavender, sandy shades. These colors can be combined with lighter or darker tones from a similar palette or combined with white accents, which, in addition to forming an atmosphere of freshness and purity, will help to visually expand the area of your bedroom.

By the way, the decoration of the floor, walls and ceiling is better to make light and monochrome. Patterned motifs around the perimeter of the room are rarely able to create a relaxing environment, in addition, some drawings can visually transform the size of the interior. Ornaments and drawings will look more appropriate on textile decorative elements.

Recently, natural design has become very popular. Natural wood, leather, silk or materials stylized as such coverings will add an atmosphere of luxury to your bedroom. And complement this composition with a glossy ceiling of stretch or mirror type.

Knowing the psychological effects of certain shades will help you decide more quickly on the design of the bedroom for the wedding reception:

  1. Red color symbolizes love, but at the same time this shade is a symbol of anger and aggression. Therefore, the role of red accents in the rekindling of feelings between partners is rather doubtful: at least for a long time to keep the positive emotions you will not succeed. Fix the situation strongly catchy and pressing design combinations of red with white, soft pink, milk color;
  2. The pink shade, depending on the brightness and saturation, can be perceived differently. In addition, traditionally this tone is “feminine” and is not always appropriate in the general bedroom. Therefore, in the room for newlyweds, pink accents are better used in tandem with lighter or darker colors. They are perfectly combined with the color of gold, turquoise, chocolate, beige or green shades;
  3. bedroom, decorated in yellow tones, looks light, warm and sunny. This shade perfectly conveys the atmosphere of comfort and harmony, has an invigorating effect, and combined with chocolate, gold and other colors looks even more luxurious. With the proper use of yellow accents (they should not be too many) you will associate the beginning of family life with the maximum positive emotions;
  4. Crimson and purple are two colors that are not often used in bedroom interiors. And to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom of the newlyweds, only the maximally lightened colors of this palette will do. You can achieve the best effect if you dilute this color scheme with white or other shades;
  5. Green and brown – colors associated with nature. In combination these shades will look as harmonious as possible, but they are more suitable for everyday interior design rather than for creating a festive atmosphere;
  6. The soothing color blue is suitable for the family bedroom. But as the beginning of their life together is associated with a lot of emotions, it is better to decorate the interior for two people with a brighter color (such as blue or brown);
  7. One of the most successful colors used in the bedroom of the newlyweds is white. Cream, milk, and beige shades will play a similar role in the design: relaxing, emphasizing tenderness, intimacy, and romance. For unity after the festive day it will be more than enough.

You can not say that some colors can be “superfluous” in the interior of the bedroom of newlyweds. In order for the design to be perceived as cozy and harmonious, it is enough to observe a measure in the combination of hues. It will be good if you complement the room with your favorite colors for yourself and your soulmate. Think about where they will look the most successful: in textiles, small accessories or pieces of furniture.

First Wedding Night

Furniture and accessories

The main attribute of any newlyweds’ bedroom is, of course, a double bed. It is not necessary to adhere to strict forms: it can have a round shape or have a heart shape. The materials for the furniture are suitable for absolutely any: the main thing is that they are in harmony with the overall palette.

To formalize the interior in a single style, pay attention to bedroom sets that include everything you need for this room.

As an accessory for the bed, choose bedding as well. Do not give preference to stylized sets with hearts, swans and other subjects on love themes. Much more refined will be perceived monochrome bed of pleasant fabrics. Ideally – from silk or satin.

For the bedroom of the newlyweds, in addition to the bed and closet, you will need a small table. At least – to accommodate the morning breakfast on the first family day. If you do not have enough space in your bedroom to arrange a small dining area, replace the table with a tray with comfortable handles.

Rugs, curtains, decorative pillows will be useful accessories in the bedroom. The presence of soft decorative elements will make this room cozier.

The curtains should not be transparent: in the morning you can’t protect yourself from the bright sunlight. More successful would be the use of mixed curtains of light and heavy fabrics in harmonious shades.

Cozy carpeting with a high pile can be placed both throughout the bedroom, and in separate areas of the room. It is quite possible that you two will want to not only walk, but also to lie on a soft rug with your spouse.

Holiday decorating ideas

So how do you add a sense of celebration to the couple’s bedroom? The easiest and most common way to create a festive atmosphere is with balloons. Hang helium balloons from the ceiling, create heart-shaped compositions from them to decorate the wall or headboard: such compositions will look more advantageous in red, white, gold.

The next way to create the right atmosphere on the wedding night involves the use of candles to decorate the room. Place them on the floor or shelves.

It is better not to create compositions of candles on the bed: firstly, it is dangerous, and secondly, you will have to spend time on cleaning instead of enjoying your time together.

Flowers are one of the indispensable elements of a romantic setting. It is not necessary to decorate the room with bunches of flowers: use rose petals to create a path to the bed or a themed composition on the bed linen.

Stylish and appropriate addition to the design of such a bedroom will be figures in the form of doves, swans, lovers, angels, hearts and other themed subjects. On the wall you can hang joint photos in stylized frames. Do not hurt and elegant aroma lamps that not only decorate the room, but also create a fragrant atmosphere.

Young spouses followers of fragrant scents from the entire range of oils advise to choose aphrodisiacs – a win-win option: neroli, ginger, jasmine, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, patchouli. They remove barriers in the form of complexes and shyness, increase sensitivity and act as enhancers of attraction.

The final touch in preparing the bedroom for the meeting of a married couple – fruit and champagne. Place them near the bed and make sure that such a composition will look no less chic against the general background.

Just a few ideas can turn even an ordinary bedroom into a stylish and romantic place for two lovers to meet. If you have decided to share your life with each other – start the first night in your own home.

By spending very little time and effort, you will create a setting that will be perceived as exquisite as professional wedding interiors.

Jinda York