Bridal Sizing Guide

Bridal Sizing Guide

Every girl dreams of looking like a princess at her wedding, so choosing a wedding dress is an important step in preparing for the ceremony. All wedding gowns are made by designers and brands, who put a tag on the item with the bridal sizing, name and care instructions. Today we will tell you how not to make mistakes when choosing a wedding dress and become unusually beautiful on the happiest day of your life.

Find your ideal

Model standards of 90-60-90 are gradually becoming a thing of the past, today is the actual trend where girls should accept and appreciate themselves as nature has made them. And if the lady was proposed to, it means that the groom considers her truly attractive. However, when buying a wedding dress the significance is not only a rich spiritual world, but also the peculiarities of the figure.

We try to be guided by natural ideals. Many women of the fair sex try to fit into a size 42 rather than a size 44, because they worry all the time about every gained kilogram. They do not think about the fact that the dimensional grid of different manufacturers may have differences, so some outfits are short, and others are bigger. At this point should come to the aid of experienced consultants and tell them about the peculiarities of sizes.

There is no need to take the tags yourself before visiting the bridal salon, the consultants and tailors will determine the size themselves. If the dress will be made to order, the measures of the volume of the chest, waist and hips should take the seamstress. If the outfit is planned with long sleeves, measures of sleeve length or shoulder circumference will be needed.

Is there a difference

When first faced with the selection of a dress for the wedding ceremony, girls think that sizes are absolute numbers and should be guided solely by them. However, in reality, the size grids of many designers can be difficult to compare. It also happens that the size fits, but the dress absolutely does not look on the girl.

The difference in sizes, as a rule, is insignificant, but it is there, and therefore they say that some products oversize, and others, on the contrary, undersize. Often different silhouettes of dresses even from the same manufacturer may have a different size due to the difference in molding. For example, the figures of European women differ greatly from those of American women. That is why there are not many dresses from American brands in Europe, because their patterns do not fit many of our brides.

That is why it is dangerous to buy wedding dresses over the Internet. The website will indicate your size, but in fact it will not fit, because the designer-maker has his own standards.

Fairy consultants understand at a glance what size and style will fit the bride perfectly. In some cases, you need to try on one dress for an accurate determination, and then navigate around it by offering different options. Dress with a reserve is recommended to buy if the bride is in a position or sitting on a strict diet and clearly plans to get rid of a couple of extra pounds in a couple of months.

Bridal Sizing

Every bride is special

Don’t think that when you buy a wedding gown, you’re going to take it home right away. Can a piece that is sewn according to general patterns, rather than the exact measurements of a particular bride, fit perfectly? Buying the right dress is the final stage, but only the preparatory stage of creating the look. From the salon, 99% of dresses are sent to the atelier to be fitted.

Almost all brides get their dress fitted just before the wedding, as they are all originally made to fit tall girls. In addition, each of us has our own nuances of the figure, which experienced masters in the atelier will take into account. Thus, they will help to hide the flaws and emphasize the advantages.

The style of the dress is very important. For example, a size 44 A-shaped outfit with a corset will suit slender girls who usually wear XS, and those who wear M. Wear a model silhouette “mermaid” recommended girls with a perfect figure, which has a thin waist, beautiful breasts and hips. In addition, “mermaid” often requires a serious adjustment after purchase. Always relevant are dresses for the wedding with long sleeves, they look modest and at the same time elegant, gentle and stylish. Some women wish for various reasons to hide the arms, but the models with long sleeves – a separate story, they are often difficult to choose. For example, if a girl has a size 42 top, and bottom 44-46, not every model with long sleeves will be suitable. In such a case it is easier to correct only the sleeves, and not to order a dress size larger. Universal are dresses in the Greek style with an inflated waist, straight or slightly flared skirt with a small or large folds, with short sleeves and decorations on the bodice. They mask the figure flaws and elegantly emphasize the silhouette.

So, not to make a mistake with the size of the wedding dress, you should tell your size to the sales assistant and to rely on their professional experience. You should not worry too much and pay attention only to the numbers on the tag. None of the guests will recognize the size 42 or 46, as correctly chosen dress will perfectly highlight all the advantages of your figure.

When choosing the appropriate size and style, the experience of the consultant is of great importance. Girls, working in our salon, will prompt, which dresses are consistent with the dimensional grid, which oversize or undersize. They will also advise on the silhouette that suits your figure, the appropriate accessories and recommend what adjustments can be made in the studio to create a unique image.

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