April 16, 2011
|  filed under: PERSONAL

You’re the one who was there with me from the moment I entered the world. We went through everything together. The 80’s phase of Hypercolor t-shirts, scrunchies and florescent colors (I swear it seemed way too cool at the time, or so we thought), our parents heartbreaking divorce, life with new stepparents, church on Sundays, our shared love for all things New Kids on the Block, Spanish class with a sweet lady that had the biggest Caucasian accent, sharing clothes to sharing apartments, our deepest secrets and fears, our hopes and dreams. Though we weren’t always the best of friends through all the years, we grew closer as the years went by when you moved away. I’d come visit you to cure your loneliness in a foreign place called San Francisco. You made me fall in love with our new closeness and the city itself. I couldn’t imagine life without you as you’ve shaped me to become the person I am today. Thank you for inspiring me. Listening to me when no one else understood. Believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Loving me unconditionally through all my struggles. Cheering me up with cupcakes on “one-of-those-days”. And being my cheerleader. You have the biggest heart I know and thank God for making you my sister. One of the most wonderful people I’m blessed to have in my life. This day represents what you mean to me and everyone who has the pleasure of having you in their lives. Happy birthday, sis!