March 29, 2017
|  filed under: LOVE

Sorry for the long blog hiatus! Apparently a cold, rainy winter makes it easy to hibernate for a little too long ūüôā But we were so excited to start spring off (yay!) photographing this adorable couple. It’s been raining nonstop here in Seattle so it wasn’t a surprise that their engagement session was showered on by a herd of rain clouds. So what do you do when life gives you rain clouds? Head to the Seattle Public Library! Us and apparently all of Seattle as¬†it was a very busy¬†day there. Surprisingly in all the years we’ve been shooting, this was our first here. We managed to dodge the passerbys and took full advantage of the beautiful architecture as Sarah and Sebastian changed into three stylish looks. I couldn’t get over all of Sarah’s gorgeous dresses and strangely had the urge to run to the mall and go¬†shopping. All kidding aside (kind of), we had so much fun with these two! A look into the day…