April 14, 2016
|  filed under: LOVE

It’s good to be back! We feel extremely blessed to be parents to such a sweet little baby. But we did miss shooting and were excited for our first session of the season with this sweet couple. They road tripped it up from Oregon for their engagement session and the laughter didn’t stop until the moment they drove off. Janie and her cute giggle, you just want to to put her in your pocket and carry her around. And Chris’ light hearted personality that complimented hers perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to remind us of how lucky we are to have such thoughtful couples invite us into their love story. A look into our day around the Kirkland waterfront.

Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement-Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--11Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement-0Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--4Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--15Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement-1Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--3Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--5Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--14 Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--6 Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--16 Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement-7Jinda_Photography_Kirkland_Waterfront_Engagement--9