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May 20, 2015
One of my favorite things about pregnancy has been seeing how excited Jin gets about our baby, even before he has arrived. I feel blessed to have someone to share in this very special journey that is not only excited...
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One of my favorite things about pregnancy has been seeing how excited Jin gets about our baby, even before he has arrived. I feel blessed to have someone to share in this very special journey that is not only excited about every little kick and hiccup but also going above and beyond in helping in getting ready for his arrival. From washing his clothes to joining me for every prenatal appointment to shopping for all things baby to name a few. His support and strength through this, I’ll be forever grateful.

To my surprise, these last nine months have flown by. From finding out we were expecting, to finding out the gender, going to consignment events for fun to score deals, to setting up the nursery, celebrating with loved ones at our baby shower, to countless doctor’s appointments…and along with the fun stuff, tying up any loose ends in finishing all needed tasks and errands before his arrival. It almost seems there is a never ending list of things to do. And now here we are, so close to meeting our little one for the first time. It honestly still feels surreal to me. Even though as I type, I can see him rolling around inside my stomach.

It’s pretty incredible, the journey of pregnancy. How we create this tiny little living being that grows inside of us for almost a year. To think we were all this little being at one point is mind blowing. I have developed a newfound appreciation for pregnant mamas for many different reasons. Although there has been many exciting moments, it definitely is one of the more physically and mentally harder things I’ve done in my life. And especially the women that work…and in the last trimester when things are the most challenging…whew! Including my own mom. I realized this when I had an opportunity that came my way that I couldn’t pass up. And I have to admit working over full time with a two hour commute each day hasn’t been easy to say the least. Fulfilling in a strange way yes because I love my job but naturally it has been physically harder than many things. But it’s always in these more challenging times that we see our strength and I wouldn’t change it the second time around. And to that, I have to say women are pretty amazing!

We are very excited (and a bit nervous) for baby to arrive any day now. In addition to hoping he will be healthy, we wonder the little things. What will he look like, how will his personality be, will we raise him the way we hope, will he be our last child…And of course looking forward to sharing with him the things we love to do together.

We finally had a chance to go out and take our maternity photos recently and the weather couldn’t have been better. Warm breeze with some amazing light. We casually roamed around one of our favorite parks and it was nice to take a break and get outside and enjoy each other as we anticipate our upcoming arrival. It was like our first date, with all three of us.

jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-35jinda_photography_seattle_maternity-1jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-2jinda_photography_seattle_maternity-3jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-7jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-5jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-9jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-6jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-4jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-10jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-11jinda_photography_seattle_maternity-6jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-20jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-12jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-13jinda_photography_seattle_maternity-5jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-18jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-14jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-21jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-17jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-38jinda_photography_seattle_maternity-4jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-25jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-19jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-37jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-23jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-26jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-24 jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-27jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-29jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-30jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-28 jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-31jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-34jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-1-32 jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-2-2 jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-2-3jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-2-5 jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-2-6 jinda-photography-maternity-seattle-2

April 15, 2015
One of the many things we had in common was that we felt we weren’t as well travelled we wished. Juggling two jobs made it trickier so we would satisfy the itch to get out of town by taking regular road trips...
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One of the many things we had in common was that we felt we weren’t as well travelled we wished. Juggling two jobs made it trickier so we would satisfy the itch to get out of town by taking regular road trips every chance we could find. But for many years, one big thing on top of that jet setting bucket list was a trip to Europe one day. And one day finally became last fall, for our Paris wedding nonetheless. We planned the once-in-a-lifetime escapade in a matter of months, throwing caution to the wind, and just making it happen. Knowing close to nothing about Europe, thankfully the internet guided us through. And crossed fingers. Starting in Paris where we chose for our wedding destination, we went on to Italy for our honeymoon flying into Venice, training it (not a real word?) to Montepulciano (wine country) and ending in Florence. And it turned out to be the best trip of our lives. A look into the first stop…Paris!


After months of planning, spreadsheets, and packing, the day is here and we’re off to the airport at 4am!
I was impressed that Jin actually stayed up the entire night hoping it would help with jet lag.


Our wedding attired packed in our carry on and we’re off for our first out of country flight together!
I was a little nervous about the longest flight I’ve taken since I was 12. Movies definitely helped!


11 hours later, we’ve arrived! Feels surreal, which overrides the lack of sleep 🙂
I think we were up for about 30 hours without sleep since I couldn’t sleep on the plane.


Our first meal in Paris! Not quite sure what most of the menu meant but it sure looked tasty…


Our first Air BnB apartment (and view) in the Le Marais district!
This became our favorite area of Paris. Endless cafes, shops, clean, hip, and cobblestone alley ways.

Jinda_Photography_Paris-7Jinda_Photography_Paris-8 Jinda_Photography_Paris-13 Jinda_Photography_Paris-15 Jinda_Photography_Paris-14Jinda_Photography_Paris-16 Jinda_Photography_Paris-19 Jinda_Photography_Paris-18 Jinda_Photography_Paris-17Jinda_Photography_Paris-24Jinda_Photography_Paris-aJinda_Photography_Paris-20Jinda_Photography_Paris-23

It started to rain when we got out of dinner and we decided to make the best of it and walk home.
Rain in Paris is pretty romantic I’d have to say.

Jinda_Photography_Paris-25 Jinda_Photography_Paris-28Jinda_Photography_Paris-bJinda_Photography_Paris-12Jinda_Photography_Paris-26Jinda_Photography_Paris-30 Jinda_Photography_Paris-34

Our first subway experience!

Jinda_Photography_Paris-33 Jinda_Photography_Paris-32

We were en route the Eiffel Tower not knowing exactly where it was.
Turned the corner and literally gasped in shock. Partly because we weren’t expecting
it right then and because it was really happening. Seeing a major icon you’ve only seen in
movies in real life is pretty mind blowing. I’ll never forget that moment. We were
giddy like little school girls kids.

It’s funny how these are a novelty in the states so I was excited to see them everywhere in Paris.


We had lunch afterwards at the gorgeous Cristal Room, which allows
entry into the crystal showroom.



Good thing we brought our walkman for some background music!
Okay, it was for the self guided tour 🙂


Strolling through the Tuileries Garden, which we fell in love with for our wedding ceremony location.


Paris really is romantic. There were couples everywhere so in love, affectionate,
kissing, just enjoying being in the moment with one another in this beautiful place…
(would’ve taken a photo but it might’ve come off a little creepy)


We didn’t realize until overhearing a conversation that the Mona Lisa was actually
housed in the Lourve. So we spent a lot of time speed walking through the gigantic
museum looking for her. And we knew we found her when there was a crowd of people.
And behind this crowd was a small painting of Mona.
Smaller than expected but still priceless to see this masterpiece in person.


It took so long looking for Mona that it was dark out when we left the museum.
But boy was it worth seeing the dome in all it’s sparkling glory.


I loved that Jin suggested taking a pedicab to our dinner boat for fun.
It was probably one of my favorite memories of the trip. Super bumpy
cobblestone city streets and a little boom box with loud, quirky music added
even more to the adventure.


After strolling through the bridge, we arrived at the charming dinner boat.


Seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up for the first time from the boat was incredibly beautiful.
It was also strangely emotional. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better,
the lights started to sparkle.


Breaking up this post into two parts due to the amount of photos taken during the week 🙂
Part two coming soon! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing in our travel journey!

March 31, 2015
Amidst all the things that come with the busyness of everyday life, a little baby shower really made things more real of how close we’re getting and that baby is coming! Over lunch the other week my sister, best...
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Amidst all the things that come with the busyness of everyday life, a little baby shower really made things more real of how close we’re getting and that baby is coming!

Over lunch the other week my sister, best friend, and I met up realizing that we were already just a week away from the big day! I truly appreciate their efforts in any way and wanted to alleviate some of their task and insisted taking on the decor. I have to admit when envisioning it in my head, the thought was more simplified than the reality. Especially since it wouldn’t be store bought. But the work was definitely worth it as it came together in the end. It also gave me a new appreciation for both digital and hand made designs. Since I typically design on the computer, I really enjoyed hand writing. But of course with that made me appreciate the ‘erase/undo’ command on the computer even more since doing things by way of ink allows for zero mistakes.

Along with the decor, I had my first taste of making cake pops. There was a bit of trial and error involved but were fun to make. I will have to post the recipe for this soon. The girls also made the cutest diaper cakes for us! I can’t get over all the adorable, useful baby items they put together to create it. You know when a dessert is too pretty that you don’t want to eat it let alone breathe on it? That’s how I feel about the thought of taking this diaper cake apart. One of these days.

I learned that many people won’t have baby showers for the next child if they are close in age due to etiquette so I figured this may possibly be the first and last shower. So this day was extra special and the effort well worth it. Plus, a bonus since we plan to repurpose some of the decor in his nursery!

We feel extremely blessed to be expecting and cannot wait to meet our little one. And loved ones for not only their generous physical gifts but their presence.

A peek into the shower for our baby boy (still sounds surreal saying that :)!

Baby_shower_Jinda-10Baby_shower_Jinda-1-2 Baby_shower_Jinda-1-3Baby_shower_Jinda-2Baby_shower_Jinda-3Baby_shower_Jinda-2-2 Baby_shower_Jinda-4-2Baby_shower_Jinda-7Baby_shower_Jinda-1-10Baby_shower_Jinda-6-2 Baby_shower_Jinda-6 Baby_shower_Jinda-7-2 Baby_shower_Jinda-8-2Baby_shower_Jinda-9-2Baby_shower_Jinda-5-2Baby_shower_Jinda-11Baby_shower_Jinda-9 Baby_shower_Jinda-12

Thanks so much to my best friends Tien, Judy, and Jen for putting this shower together for us!!

February 11, 2015
Her name was Daisy. Daisy the beagle to be exact. And I can still picture her sitting quietly on the brown velvet vintage couch that crowded the downstairs family room. She was our first family dog and one of two that...
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Her name was Daisy. Daisy the beagle to be exact. And I can still picture her sitting quietly on the brown velvet vintage couch that crowded the downstairs family room. She was our first family dog and one of two that never stayed. I remember as a child every time a dog was welcomed into our family from the classifieds (it sure was a different time back then), I would get attached immediately only to have the dog taken back shortly after. So always wanting a dog as a child, it never happened for more than a trial run. Until my parents remarried and I hit high school. I came home one day and there he was. The cutest little furball of a puppy sliding around the carpet and I couldn’t believe he was mine. The best surprise my parents ever gave me. I named this little yorkie, Choco (I was a big snacker back then, too). My parents named him Toy because he…well, looked like a toy. We bonded instantly and I would take him around with me as much as I could. Rollerblading around the neighborhood (me, not him, but that is a funny visual), to the beach. Until one day I moved out after high school. Because my parents had more time for him and me still being an active teen, took custody of Choco and I was still granted unlimited visitation rights. The loyal dog that made rounds to each of our rooms every night to make sure he got to sleep with everyone, somehow knew that I was moving out the next morning. He slept with me for the first time, for the entire night. And that made it harder to leave. After the kids moved out of the house for college, Choco was a huge blessing to my parents and became their third child. And that was the last time I had a dog.

That is until years later I moved in with Jin and became mommy to his maltese, Kimee. I remembered how nice it was to have a dog again. And the older I got, the crazier I became about dogs (and animals in general). To the point I wanted another one. Although I wanted a dog for the last several years, being in a condo and living a busy lifestyle working two jobs, it wasn’t realistic. So Jin proposed once we got a bigger space and in a place in our lives when we were ready to slow down and start a family would be the best time. This gave me time to think about what dog I wanted and it kept coming back to the goldendoodle. Known to be not only adorable, great family dogs but super smart and hypoallergenic (I promise I’m not a spokesperson for goldendoodles…maybe unofficially).

It was clear as Windex to Jin I was excitedly waiting for this moment. Kind of like a girl who leaves her boyfriend “engagement ring” hints to propose. Except come to think of it I never did that. But I did leave not-so-subtle reminders of this puppy promise until the time came after waiting patiently for years. Clear as in when I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t tell him we were having a baby. I told him “we’re having a goldendoodle!” (I had to make it memorable, right? :)) But really to be a little humorous in announcing the news of our new arrival without saying it directly.

The timing was perfect as after much research on a reputable breeder, I saw a post from a friend and old coworker that her goldendoodle breeder was having puppies. And we immediately put ourselves in line months in advance. We had some concerns and heard a lot of other people talking about the hard work of not only having two dogs but on top of that with a baby on the way. There might have been a couple “you’re crazy” comments here and there from friends. But apparently we haven’t done much by the books and so this wasn’t that strange for us. And even though Jin wanted to make sure this is what I truly wanted and was ready for, I knew 200% I was fully committed and ready to welcome this little joy into our lives.

After much brainstorming, we named him before we brought him home. Butter. After counting down the days til when we could finally meet whoever Butter would be, we arrived on a freezing cold day in Ellensburg where there were about five of the cutest puppies to choose from. We had chosen one from the photos ahead of time knowing that it might be different when we met them in person. Thankfully we had done some research on what to look for when choosing a puppy and actually ended up going with another dog. And as hard as it was at the time choosing just one to the point we wanted to take them all, we knew right away when we walked off that he was the one.

Even though there were initially some of the unknown as to what to expect having two dogs, from the first moment to six weeks in now, we already can’t imagine our lives without him. He has been a huge blessing and source of love and laughter. Of course it has taken a lot of effort and time raising a puppy (we joked it was just preliminary training for baby) it has been worth every second. We became quickly attached and treat him like he’s our child. And luckily Kimee thinks so as well. Really, she is so motherly that we think she thinks Butter is her son. She is much happier and her days are much more eventful. If she hears him bark or yelp from afar, she drops what she’s doing and rushes to him. Never seen her run so fast. And boy they weren’t kidding about the breed. He has not only been cute and cuddly but super smart!

Bringing Butter into our lives has been the best decision ever and we can’t get enough of him. And if you are considering getting a second dog (which is a question I’ve asked countless people), my personal opinion now is that I wouldn’t have changed it for anything.

And…introducing Butter!

The first day in his new home…as much as we’d love the credit, this wasn’t staged except for the puppy doll.
He plopped himself down by this big bear as soon as he got home.

puppy-1-4 copy

Butter’s favorite toy coincidentally is the same as Kimee’s. Ducky!


Just a typical day of endless cuddles

puppy-1 copy

Butter’s favorite place in the house. Under the couch.

puppy-1-2 copy

Ooh, my favorite. Burgers and fries for lunch!


Butter trying on Kimee’s hand me down. It fits! (at the time this article was written, sadly it no longer fits. Womp womp.)


How’d I look?

puppy-1-3 copypuppy-1-2 copy 2



Kimee’s daily routine of licking Butter’s ears clean


Do you think I have enough toys? Dont say yes…


And a look back to puppy selection day! The door opened, jaws dropped, our hearts melted.


Jin doing temperament checks on the little guys.


So hard to choose just one!


But when we did, we knew


Much to our surprise, he did so well on the two hour car ride home with his new family


It looks like Kimee, but it’s actually an impostor


The first time these two cuties napped together. Kimee don’t toot! Hehe.


And…our furry family!


Thanks for stopping by! We’d love to be friends!

December 30, 2014
We can’t think of a better way to end the most eventful, blessed year of our lives than with a special feature of our very own engagement session on one of our favorite wedding websites, Style Me Pretty! A look...

We can’t think of a better way to end the most eventful, blessed year of our lives than with a special feature
of our very own engagement session on one of our favorite wedding websites, Style Me Pretty! A look into the post here!


Thanks to Style Me Pretty and to you for stopping by! We’d love to be friends!